Just Relax …

Reiki Cali2 A new practitioner of Reiki, Christina was eager to try her hand at it. Cali eagerly volunteered. Jana was more doubtful, but she agreed to try as well.

I was perhaps the most skeptical, but I watched, mesmerized, as Christina worked her magic on Cali. And Cali, excited, bouncy, always-in-motion Cali, lay still. Peaceful and relaxed, Cali lay nestled against Christina, sighing occasionally, and enjoyed the 20-minute treatment.

Reiki JanaI was less surprised that Jana lay still; she tends to stay put. But I was impressed when she allowed the treatment to continue for several minutes and expressed what seemed like enjoyment through her loud sighs and snorts.

What is Reiki? Reiki means “universal life force energy.” An ancient Japanese healing art, it is a technique that purports to channel energy through the recipient by means of touch (hands-on) or by hovering the hands over certain points in the recipient’s body. The energy comes both from the person giving and the person receiving the treatment. This website, Reiki for Pets, has a good explanation.

In people and dogs both, Reiki can promote healing, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and encourage feelings of balance and well-being. Some say it can boost the immune system or reduce pain. It might help with dogs’ behavior issues by reducing stress and calming the dog, so that the dog either does less of a stress- or fear-based behavior or is calm enough for other behavior modification training to actually work. It is used to complement conventional medical treatment, behavior modification and training, and other therapeutic treatments, such as laser, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Most of all, a hands-on Reiki treatment is a soothing and bonding experience — for both the person and the dog!

Christina lives in Southern California. If you are interested in Reiki for your dog, call her at 909-705-7596.

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