Cali and the Singing Bowls

A couple weeks ago, a friend came to visit. She brought her Himalayan singing bowls and showed us what she was learning about playing them.

Cali was enchanted; Koala was indifferent.

Cali’s reaction was curiosity, and she investigated the bowls (and our friend) very thoroughly. This short video shows some of what Cali.

She approached, sniffed the bowls, sniffed our friend, sniffed the various implements used to strike the bowls; she stuck her head into the bowls; she walked around the room, listening from different angles.

Most of the time, Cali wagged her tail enthusiastically. But at one point, when the sound was high-pitched, she slowed the wags and walked away. But within minutes, she was back at her investigation.

Cali’s curious, but she’s also cautious around new things, so I was a little surprised by how nosy she was being. She also tends to quickly lose interest in anything that’s not a tennis ball, but she remained engaged throughout the “concert,” which was about 20 minutes, maybe more.

Meanwhile, Koala lay next to Deni and pretty much ignored the whole show: the bowls, our friend, Cali.

I’d love to know what was going on inside their minds!


2 thoughts on “Cali and the Singing Bowls

  1. How food-oriented is Cali? Yodo would check each bowl for food, then move on. Yodo is very scent-oriented, so sound doesn’t seem a large part of his sensory input.


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