Guides Just Wanna Have Fun

Koala, a black lab taking a break from guide work, sits on the beach, covered in sandYour curiosity about port-o-potties for dogs having been satisfied, let’s turn to a bigger question: Why do guide dogs go on cruises?

Well, because their people go on cruises. Which begs the question: Don’t the dogs get any time off?

The ships are actually pretty tricky for dogs (and humans) to navigate, so the 29 guide dogs worked pretty hard. Figuring out which end of the ship you’re on and whether it’s possible to get from there to where you want to be can be challenging. Guiding around the many obstacles and throngs of people, while struggling to balance, makes guiding your person to the bus stop seem like a walk in the park (which, actually, it might be).

koala, a black lab, swims in clear, shallow waterThe rooms are small, and of course the potty facilities …

Most of the dogs rose to the challenges admirably. Koala in particular. So when the ship stopped at an island with beaches, Deni found a less-crowded area and gave Koala some well-deserved (and very sandy) down time. Off harness and on a long leash, Koala headed into the surf. She ran in circles, porpoised through the water, and made sure to tug hard enough to ensure that Deni joined her in the water.

It’s a good thing that Koala has Teflon fur, though. A few shakes, a quick wipe with the towel, and she was ready to put her work clothes on and guide Deni back onto the ship.


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