Cali’s New Love

Golden retriever Cali gazes lovingly at Ken, our digital nomad friendCali is in love. When the object of her affection is heading our way, she knows, instinctively. She gets increasingly excited until he walks in the door.

Then she dances and squeals with joy. And grabs a toy to run around with because that’s just her thing.

Ken is a digital nomad, and he’s spent the past few months in Montana. We were lucky enough to have him in Missoula for 4 weeks!

For Cali, it was love at first sight. They played in the back yard together. They picked raspberries. They played ball. We all went on several hikes. Cali even got to have a sleepover at Ken’s house! And, through it all, Cali spent plenty of time gazing adoringly at Ken.

Sadly, the nomad is moving on. To Arizona, of all places! Where he will foster a dog from Best Friends, just over the state line in Utah. (I’m not telling Cali that part; she’d be crushed.)

Poor Cali. I wonder if she’s the type to heal her broken heart with ice cream


2 thoughts on “Cali’s New Love

  1. […] (Today’s blog is a guest post by Pam Hogle. Pam and I met in 2006, when I spent a summer volunteering in Princeton, Mass., at NEADS, a charity that raises dogs to be assisted-living animals for the mobility-disabled, where Pam was my supervisor. After not seeing her for nine years, I had the pleasure of visiting her in Missoula, Montana, this summer — and, as I predicted, I met her dog! This post originally appeared on her site, The Thinking Dog Blog.) […]


  2. Ice cream takes the mind of this one here so I’m sure Cali will adjust just fine to Ken’s absence. Until she sees someone who resembles him, then…who knows… Loved it! Martin And I love you too!!!

    The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears. Minoass proverb



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