Dog Mountain?!

How did I not know about this place?

Dog Mountain, in St. Johnsbury, VT is, according to the Washington Post, “a celebration of canines.”

I want to move in.

It’s got 150 acres, with leash-optional play areas including pools and hiking trails, a dog chapel filled with photos and memorials to dogs. It’s marking its 20th anniversary this year.

In non-COVID times, the Mountain hosts events and dog-friendly parties, and more.

A blue t-shirt with a graphic of a black Lab swimming after a red ball
Mine is yellow

I even have a t-shirt with a print by the guy who founded Dog Mountain.

We need a Dog Mountain out here in Montana. Near Missoula, perhaps.

While we’re dreaming about dog-friendly travel, there’s another place I’ve recently added to my list. I’ve always wanted to visit Best Friends in Kanab, Utah. I recently discovered the Best Friends Roadhouse — which creates a dilemma. Do I visit the Roadhouse with Cali, which would mean I couldn’t volunteer at Best Friends or foster a dog … or do I go to this cool and very dog-friendly hotel without my best friend?

I do not need to answer this question for a while, though, since road trips are on hold until … who knows when. It’s nice to dream, though!

Where’s your favorite dog-friendly place to travel?

3 thoughts on “Dog Mountain?!

  1. The general store! They have ice cream cones and Jaxson and I both love those!!! Martín

    The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears. Minoass proverb



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