Cali and the Magic Sit

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Cali believes in the magic sit. The magic sit is what causes humans to pet puppies — when they stop jumping and sit, magically, a treat and lots of fuss and petting happens. The magic sit is a great way for puppies to get cookies in other situations as well, as little Cali discovered those many years ago … It works when friends visit and she wants them to pet her and admire her toy, for example.

Her faith in the magic sit has never wavered.

Golden retriever Cali rests her head on my knee to tell my it is time to stop working
Quitting time

When it’s past dinner time and the clueless humans are still staring at their stupid boxes, a magic sit (often paired with some strategically dripped drool) can produce dinner.

When the humans are fixing dinner, the magic sit makes the bowl appear on the floor, full of delicious food.

When deployed at the back door, the magic sit can cause the door to open in a way that jumping and whining rarely do.

When the humans are eating breakfast, a magic sit (or occasionally the magic lie-down variation) can make a small portion of eggs for dogs appear.

Cali’s faith is so strong that she often deploys the magic sit when it’s not time for dinner or time to go out. She faces into the kitchen, positioned between the dining room and kitchen, as if waiting for dinner. Or she sits by the back door, gazing steadily at her back yard, tantalizingly close. But her humans are not there. They might be behind her in the dining room or in the living room or even upstairs. It doesn’t matter, Cali thinks. The magic sit will work.

So she sits. And hopes. And waits. Believing in the power of the magic sit to get her … what, exactly? We may never know.

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