How DO People Get Great Pet Photos??

I’ve been trying to take great photos of Orly. Years of trying to get great photos of Cali, Jana, Oriel, and many other dogs notwithstanding, I am failing.

You probably noticed that my photos in the post introducing Orly were blurry. Of course they were: She never stops moving. She’s even active when she’s asleep! In that she’s like her aunts Cali and Oriel, both dogs with extremely active and varied dream lives.

When we picked Orly up from her breeder, we tried to help with a cool photo: Orly’s mom, Charm, with a puppy from each of her 3 litters: Orly, her full brother Dash, and their half sister Lila.

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It was not to be. These are all very young golden retrievers, after all. They do not sit still. Especially not when there are other goldens to play with and new people in the room!

When I worked at NEADS, I was always amazed at the graduation photos, with as many as a dozen dogs, all perfectly posed in the unlikeliest of places. I never did figure out how the photographer did it.

Just once, I tasted success. I still have no idea how I got this photo:

5 dogs sit in a row, all looking at the camera

3 thoughts on “How DO People Get Great Pet Photos??

  1. If you have an iPhone, there should be a “Live” setting on the camera. It’s in the upper right corner and looks like a bullseye or a sun. This takes a very short video so that when you’re editing the photo, you can choose the best moment. In editing, the same symbol will be on the bottom left; when you find a good frame, hit “Make Key Photo.”

    I take tons of pictures of my boarding dogs to send to their parents. Using the “Live” function, I can even get perfectly clear action shots of dogs catching balls in midair!


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