Happy Spring from The Thinking Dog

Orly and Cali, both golden retrievers, sit and wait for their dinner
Orly & Cali practice self-restraint, waiting quietly while I fix their dinner.

The Thinking Dog is off this week. The human is traveling for a work conference (& a lovely seder dinner with her mom in North Carolina). The Thinking Dogs themselves are home with dog sitters.

This is a first-time event for Orly — both being left(!) and having a sitter. Cali has stayed with sitters before, but it has been a long time.

We’re using Trusted Housesitters for the first time, based on recommendations from two trusted friends who house-sit through this organization and who have both cared for Thinking Dogs in the past (Cali and Jana).

Both girls took to the the sitters immediately, cuddling, telling them secrets, going on walks, and encouraging them to play. I liked them too. I’ll give a full report in a future post.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this silly article from the New York Times: If Dogs Played Wordle.

Naturally, the only one who succeeds is … the golden retriever.

I hope that you had or are having a wonderful Passover, Easter, or other spring holiday!


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