New Podcast: Off Leash

The Off Leash podcast logo shows a drawing of a dog's head and the title in red lettersAlexandra Horowitz has a new podcast called “Off Leash.”

In each episode, she goes for a walk with a person and dog. Together, they explore a question about life with dogs. Or life as a dog.

The first episode is about, what else, smell. That is, after all, the primary way that dogs experience the world!

The episode delves into interesting dog jobs that involve scent, such as tracking rare animals using their scat. It also spends more time than I thought strictly necessary talking about how humans use smell and the interplay of smell and memory. It’s a lot like Horowitz’s book on dogs and smell, Being a Dog, but in podcast format. I’m looking forward to future episodes, and I recommend you check it out!

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