Orly’s First Sleepover

Golden retriever puppy Orly lies in a muddy river, coated in mudWe’ve packed her food and put clean sheets on her dog bed. We’re taking Orly for her first sleepover as we head out to spend a long weekend at Yellowstone.

She watched the prep with interest. The only time she has slept away from home was last summer when we went camping, and she loved that. She’s also had fun aunties stay with her at home while I traveled for work.

This time, though, she’s going away, alone.

The dog sitter is the same amazing fun person who takes Orly hiking a few times a week, and who always has a carful of friends for Orly to run around with.

She has visited her dog sitter’s home, and she was delighted to find her buddy Henry there (he lives there) as well as some of friends from her hiking group.

I was with her, though, and we only stayed for about an hour. When I drop her off tomorrow, with bed and breakfasts (and dinners), she’ll be off on her first solo overnight adventure.

She’ll go on hikes with her buddies, play in the huge fenced yard, and have slumber parties with the other dogs. She’ll probably eat too much junk food and stay up too late.

I’m sure she’ll have a great time. And that I will miss her far more than she misses me.

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