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The Thinking Dog is a blog about dogs, our relationships with dogs, and recognizing the amazing thinking abilities of our canine friends. I am a freelance writer and service dog trainer. I specialize in puppy training — or pets or service / therapy dogs. Through my work with hundreds of puppies, I have learned that dogs are capable of so much more than most people realize.

“The Thinking Dog” refers to Jana Bar-Haim Hogle, a beautiful golden retriever pictured at the top of the page with her sisters, Cali and Albee. She is my friend, traveling companion, muse and editor. She is the primary inspiration for The Thinking Dog, though many other dogs have been my teachers and friends as well.

I am an experienced writer and editor with more than 15 years of professional copy editing, technical writing, and marketing writing experience.  I hold master’s degrees in journalism and in human-canine life sciences. I am also an instructor at the Bergin University of Canine Studies, where I teach courses on the history of dog training, human-canine communications, and the dog’s perspective. I am available for freelance and short-term contract editing and writing work.  Contact: PamHogle@TheExecutiveEditor.com.

My writing focuses on dogs and on people’s relationships with dogs. I am working on a book, Let Sneaky Dogs Lie, which describes how dogs use their thinking and problem-solving skills to make choices and express their values. The Thinking Dog blog is an outgrowth of this work.

Check back often and feel free to post comments and add your own stories of thinking dogs!

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