Pam Hogle is a freelance writer who specializes in writing about dogs! She’s also an experienced marketing writer and copy editor who freelances for Author Solutions, Inc., NewsU, USFSP, The Poynter Institute, and other clients.

Pamela S Hogle
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Thoughtful Training Results in Thinking Dogs
The idea of treating dogs as cognitive beings gains acceptance; Bergin U. was ahead of the curve

Fakers Damage the Rep of Legitimate Service Dogs
Fake service dogs are a growing problem.

Access Rights and Access Wrongs: Ethical Issues and Ethical Solutions for Service Dog Use
A proposal for allowing states to certify service dog teams.

Berkeley: A Pioneer in Welcoming Service Dogs
Service Dogs Welcome initiative makes Berkeley a trendsetter!

Gone to the Dogs
Canines claim their territory on college campuses.

Diamond Dog Wylie
Cross-country travel and amazing althletic feats are all in a day’s work.

Bergin University Puppies Get a Head Start on Learning
Early training pays off for young service dog puppies at the Bergin University.

Do Over Dogs and the Story of Sasha
Camp Husky dog learns to trust her new family.

How Much is That Doggie in the Mirror
Would you clone your best friend? Should you?

Studying to Improve the Human-Canine Partnership
Bergin University is the only place in the world where you can get an accredited degree in dog studies!

The Thinking Dog
on Creative Loafing’s Playground

… And on BellaDog!

Canine Acupuncture
A New Barker article describing the benefits of acupuncture fr arthritic or injured dogs

Dog Chiropractic
A New Barker article on canine chiropractic

Go West!
A New Barker article on visiting Yellowstone and the Black Hills with a dog

Breeding Success
A Quest profile of Canine Assistants’ Kent Bruner

Magical Experience
A Quest profile of puppy trainer Judy Fridono

Paws for People
A profile of South Africa’s Paws for People director Lesley deKlerk

Prison-Based Dog Training
A description of prison-based dog training programs in New England and in Michigan

Service Dog Satisfaction
Survey Finds High Satisfaction with Service Dogs, a scholarly article, appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice