Orly LOVES Sleepovers

3 dogs sleep in dog beds, while golden Orly looks around to see if one wants to play
Wanna play?!

Orly loved her first sleepover.

Her human hostess, the Missoula Dog Mom who takes her hiking a few times a week, was ready. Some of Orly’s buddies were waiting.

When I left, Orly followed me to the gate. She looked a little worried when I left her inside after I went outside. Dog Mom called her over and cuddled her, and as I drove off, Orly’s tail was wagging.

A short time later a looonnnngggg video popped up on my phone. In it, Orly was racing madly around the huge fenced yard and trying hard to entice a doodle pup to chase her. The doodle chased, then wandered off. Orly resorted to more solo laps. She was prancing and leaping and dancing. Her tail never stopped wagging.

Orly loved sleepaway camp.

In the photo, she’s the one falling out of her bed, probably trying to get one of her sleeping pals to wake up and play some more.

She pretended to be happy to see me when I picked her up. She was pretty tired and went right to sleep after dinner.

By the next day, though, she was bored. In true teenager fashion, she sighed loudly as she slumped down, bored. Bored. BORED. The only thing missing was a phone for her to fiddle with.

She’ll be getting a surprise soon, though. One that (who?) will banish the boredom. You’ll all read about it in next week’s post.