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  • A “Little Sponge” Indeed - As I said in the little news story on Dotty’s service dog program, Dotty is a “little sponge” soaking up, well, everything. (That includes what Orly is teaching her …) However, on the positive side, she: Learned how to go down the 3 steps from the deck into the back yard Learned how to go … Continue reading A “Little Sponge” Indeed

Analyzing a problemThe Thinking Dog Blog has a new focus: Educating thinking dogs.

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In Thinking Dog Blog posts, you will find advice on teaching your dog to be the best he or she can be and discussions of what it means to raise a thinking dog. Most blog posts will describe cognitive approaches to dog training, or, as I prefer to call it, teaching. Some will provide examples, mostly from the lives of Thinking Dogs Jana, Alberta, and Cali. Some stories will be by guest bloggers or feature other dogs.

A note about ads: This site is hosted on WordPress, which sometimes places ads on blog pages. The Thinking Dog Blog is completely independent and does not post sponsored content or receive any money from the ads that might appear here. All opinions expressed are mine or those of my thinking dogs: Jana, Cali, and Alberta.

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  1. What a good information, this blog can be more useful to all doggie owner to raise their fur-kids to a smart thinking dog. This is the first time I see a blog post like this one.


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