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  • Chow Hounds - How many of you have dogs who steal food from the table or countertop? How about dogs who beg? On the flip side, how many have to cajole and hand-feed dainty treats to a fussy dog? Taking available food is a natural behavior for dogs, so puppies generally have to be taught to respect some […]

Analyzing a problemThe Thinking Dog Blog has a new focus: Educating thinking dogs.

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In Thinking Dog Blog posts, you will find advice on teaching your dog to be the best he or she can be and discussions of what it means to raise a thinking dog. Most blog posts will describe cognitive approaches to dog training, or, as I prefer to call it, teaching. Some will provide examples, mostly from the lives of Thinking Dogs Jana, Alberta, and Cali. Some stories will be by guest bloggers or feature other dogs.

A note about ads: This site is hosted on WordPress, which sometimes places ads on blog pages. The Thinking Dog Blog is completely independent and does not post sponsored content or receive any money from the ads that might appear here. All opinions expressed are mine or those of my thinking dogs: Jana, Cali, and Alberta.

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3 thinking dogs

Meet the Thinking Dogs

sweet jana_turnedJana is the original Thinking Dog and the inspiration for this blog. Now 11, Jana knows that she is a princess and loves to be in charge. She is not the typical loves-everyone golden; Jana is very analytical and thinks things through carefully. This includes a thorough assessment of new people before she decides whether she will allow them to befriend her. And, of course, only friends may actually pet her.
Jana was born in Tzur Hadassah, Israel, and moved to the United States shortly before her second birthday. She has a strong work ethic but demands prompt payment (in food) for her work. She is loyal and can be very sweet and affectionate, once she has decided that you are her friend. If she gives you an effusive greeting, or voluntarily cuddles with you, you are definitely on the “A” list.
(Photo by Cathy Condon)


Albee paddleboardGuiding Eyes Alberta, born April 25, 2011, boasts a pedigree of more than 10 generations of purpose-bred guide dogs. She excelled in her early puppyhood education at Guiding Eyes’ Canine Development Center and advanced to living with puppy raiser Lisa McMains and family when she was 8 weeks old. She learned many skills that serve her well in her current career as guide to Deni Elliott.
Always the athlete, as a puppy, Alberta trained hard in the sports of dock diving and unrolling toilet paper. She excels at Rally and has recently added stand-up paddleboarding and riding along in a golf cart as Deni golfs to her sports repertoire.
A precocious girl, Alberta was recalled to Guiding Eyes for training at only 14 months of age. She considered giving up her career to raise future guide puppies, but chose a working life over motherhood. Alberta began working with partner Deni Elliott before her second birthday. Keep up with Alberta’s adventures on the Guiding Eyes blog and Facebook page, where Alberta makes frequent appearances.
(Photo courtesy of Deni Elliott)


cali in parkCali, who is not quite two, has yet to settle on a specialty, sport, or career. She has resoundingly rejected both service work and motherhood, however, she is seriously considering therapeutic work as a visiting dog. The quintessential golden retriever, Cali has no concept of a “stranger” and has declared that her mission in life is to meet every single person on the planet. She is the happiest dog I know, and her sunny optimism goes a long way to mitigate potential annoyance over her penchant for eagerly greeting each new day well before the sun is up — always with a toy at paw (or in mouth). Cali, too, is an aspiring athlete. She is a driven ball-chaser and a star at beginning scent work.

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Pam Hogle is a freelance writer who specializes in writing about dogs! She’s also an experienced marketing writer and copy editor who freelances for Author Solutions, Inc., NewsU, USFSP, The Poynter Institute, and other clients.

Pamela S Hogle
Pam’s resume

Thoughtful Training Results in Thinking Dogs
The idea of treating dogs as cognitive beings gains acceptance; Bergin U. was ahead of the curve

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Fake service dogs are a growing problem.

Access Rights and Access Wrongs: Ethical Issues and Ethical Solutions for Service Dog Use
A proposal for allowing states to certify service dog teams.

Berkeley: A Pioneer in Welcoming Service Dogs
Service Dogs Welcome initiative makes Berkeley a trendsetter!

Gone to the Dogs
Canines claim their territory on college campuses.

Diamond Dog Wylie
Cross-country travel and amazing althletic feats are all in a day’s work.

Bergin University Puppies Get a Head Start on Learning
Early training pays off for young service dog puppies at the Bergin University.

Do Over Dogs and the Story of Sasha
Camp Husky dog learns to trust her new family.

How Much is That Doggie in the Mirror
Would you clone your best friend? Should you?

Studying to Improve the Human-Canine Partnership
Bergin University is the only place in the world where you can get an accredited degree in dog studies!

The Thinking Dog
on Creative Loafing’s Playground

… And on BellaDog!

Canine Acupuncture
A New Barker article describing the benefits of acupuncture fr arthritic or injured dogs

Dog Chiropractic
A New Barker article on canine chiropractic

Go West!
A New Barker article on visiting Yellowstone and the Black Hills with a dog

Breeding Success
A Quest profile of Canine Assistants’ Kent Bruner

Magical Experience
A Quest profile of puppy trainer Judy Fridono

Paws for People
A profile of South Africa’s Paws for People director Lesley deKlerk

Prison-Based Dog Training
A description of prison-based dog training programs in New England and in Michigan

Service Dog Satisfaction
Survey Finds High Satisfaction with Service Dogs, a scholarly article, appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice


Welcome to the Thinking Dog Blog’s New Site!


The Thinking Dog is a blog about dogs, our relationships with dogs, and recognizing the amazing thinking abilities of our canine friends. I am a freelance writer and service dog trainer. I specialize in puppy training — or pets or service / therapy dogs. Through my work with hundreds of puppies, I have learned that dogs are capable of so much more than most people realize.

“The Thinking Dog” refers to Jana Bar-Haim Hogle, a beautiful golden retriever pictured at the top of the page with her sisters, Cali and Albee. She is my friend, traveling companion, muse and editor. She is the primary inspiration for The Thinking Dog, though many other dogs have been my teachers and friends as well.

I am an experienced writer and editor with more than 15 years of professional copy editing, technical writing, and marketing writing experience.  I hold master’s degrees in journalism and in human-canine life sciences. I am also an instructor at the Bergin University of Canine Studies, where I teach courses on the history of dog training, human-canine communications, and the dog’s perspective. I am available for freelance and short-term contract editing and writing work.  Contact: PamHogle@TheExecutiveEditor.com.

My writing focuses on dogs and on people’s relationships with dogs. I am working on a book, Let Sneaky Dogs Lie, which describes how dogs use their thinking and problem-solving skills to make choices and express their values. The Thinking Dog blog is an outgrowth of this work.

Check back often and feel free to post comments and add your own stories of thinking dogs!

Thinking Dog Blog is a member of BlogPaws! Visit the BlogPaws Community
Pam Hogle is a member of APDT and the Pet Professional Guild